Honeck Sculpture was started in 1974 by Butch Honeck making welded steel sculptures. In the early 1980's we built a foundry and Butch learned to cast bronze. Today using the  lost wax method of casting, with ceramic shell molds we handcraft many forms of bronze fantasy sculptures. These include Cloak Clasps, peices for Cat Lovers, Door Bells, Door Knockers, Dragons, Minature animals, and Pendants. His work is distinctly characterized by intricate details, mechanical components, humor, and surprise. Honeck Sculpture's are sold all over the world and are now available on the world wide web in our Online Store.


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Model T Ford Assembly Line

This 4 foot long sculpture can be viewed at:

Yesterday's Collection
5899 Jackson Rd.
Ann Arbor, MI 48103
Phone: (734) 668-6304